Organic Baobab Oil / 25 L / OTIGATI / Produced In Ghana

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Huile de Baobab

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Baobab oil is obtained from the seeds of the Adansonia tree (aka “upside down tree”) from most African countries. It has a rich and mild aroma, a silky feel and a deep golden yellow color. It is gradually becoming a household item in the natural skin and healthcare circle due to its skin moisturizing abilities. It contains all three omega fatty acids, Vitamin A, D, E, oleic acid, stearic acid and palmitic acid.



Presence of Vitamins nourishes and heals damaged skin.

Effective for soothing chapped lips.

It improves good dental health when applied on swollen, infected or painful gum.

Presence or powerful antioxidants protects skin against free radical damage.



25 liter gallons 



1000 liters


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